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Volunteers Needed

Council President Joyce Watterman is looking for dynamic volunteers to join her planning committee for an upcoming women’s empowerment event to be held in October of 2024.


About Event: To honor and highlight extraordinary women across New Jersey, Council President will be hosting a women’s empowerment award ceremony fall 2024


Commitment Time - **Interest/Introductory meeting will be held on Tuesday April 23rd via zoom (5:30pm)**


·       Monthly Meetings (April-July)

·       Bi Weekly/Weekly (August-October)


Committee/Areas of Need

·       Program Planning: Help plan program, order of events, flow of presentations etc.

·       Décor/Event Design Them: Help design a theme and decorate space

·       Journal Planning: Help compile journal for guests that highlights stories of honorees including journal ad pages

·       Tickets & Sales: Help come up with ticket and sales strategies

·       Media & Production: Help produce short media pieces for program,  including social media content for marketing

·       Marketing & Communications: Help with outreach and marketing, communications, invitations etc

·       Sponsorships: Help secure sponsorships for the event


Sign Up Here If Interested and Available:

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